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How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost? (2019)

By June 24, 2019 No Comments
explainer video

Are you searching for an effective way to market your brand? Or perhaps you’re looking to introduce a new product to your target market? Regardless of your reason, you may want to consider using an explainer video.

Businesses, including the big ones, use explainer videos in their marketing strategies. Not only does it help introduce your brand, but it also boosts your SEO. It also increases your conversion rates.

But how much does an explainer video cost?

To appreciate its value, you need to understand the process behind the video. Continue reading below as we break down the cost of an explainer video and why it deserves such a price tag.

Explainer Video: The Story Behind

As we mentioned earlier, an explainer video involves an intricate process. It is not as simple as getting a camcorder and shooting images. Hence, the price tag of an excellent video can start from $2,000 and reach up to as much as $10,000.

Now let’s take a look at the creative process of making an explainer video.


This is a common word that you hear in any project. But what people often fail to grasp is the hard work the come with research. This phase is where the video maker determines the type of video that you want and need.

This is also the stage where the client and the video maker agree on the main purpose of the video. The client provides his goals and targets. He also instructs the maker on the type of tone to use.

A good video studio offering custom explainer videos knows how to involve their clients. They collaborate in addressing the challenging points of the clients’ customers.

Through research, they try to provide solutions to all of the clients’ questions.

Writing the Script

After the extensive research phase, the studio then moves to the scriptwriting stage. This is where much of the creativity comes into play.

Generally, this is what makes or breaks your video.

The writers must deliver your message with clarity. They need to make sure that your target market understands your campaign. A high-quality video with a poor script will end up mediocre at best.

Keep in mind that people have a very short attention span. Thus, the studio needs to make sure the script leaves an impact. The words need to make the viewers want for more.

Like in the research phase, a reputable studio can also involve you in the scriptwriting process. You can provide inputs or even present an entire script.

The Storyboard

This is where the studio ensures that the video’s story matches the client’s goals and expectations. This is also the stage where the client approves the appearance of the characters who are part of the video.

The storyboard keeps revisions and other surprise changes to a minimum the moment the video goes up.

The Voiceover

In this stage, you can provide your own voiceover. But it is best to hire a professional voiceover to handle the job.

Sometimes, the studio provides professional voiceovers. You just need to determine which ones will best deliver the message. After picking the right talent, the voice recording commences.

Thereafter, the studio presents the audio file to the client for scrutiny. Here, you can request them to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments.

It is the job of the studio to provide a voiceover that a voice that sets the appropriate mood for the story.

Video Production

This is where the production of the actual video begins. The studio comes up with an initial draft of the video. They present it to you and ask for your comments and suggestions.

If you feel the need for some changes, this is the time to air them out.

This is also where the graphics and animation come into play. You want a free-flowing animation style. This helps viewers grasp the message faster.

When it comes to the different types of graphics, you have a number of choices. If your brand belongs to the financial sector, then you can go for motion graphics. If you are from the construction industry, then 3D videos are most effective.

But if your company is about light-hearted products and services, then cartoons will work best for your brand.

In addition, this is also the stage where you can incorporate the subtitles. Keep in mind that companies are publishing videos on social media accounts like Facebook. Incidentally, viewers watch 85% of Facebook videos without sound.

This is where subtitles come in handy.

Music Matters

An effective explainer video comes with the right kind of music. The studio needs to come up with music and sound effects that add life to the video.

Music keeps the flow of the video more interesting. Viewers will likely finish the video if the music is engaging. They will better understand the message if the sound effects do not clash with the speaker.

Getting It Out

After securing your approval, the studio will deliver the final product in a high-quality format. Generally, studios can provide copies of the video in different sizes of resolution. This is crucial especially if you want to showcase the video across different platforms.

Types of Explainer Videos

Now let’s take a quick glance at the different types of explainer videos:

  • “How To” video – Use this to explain a particular topic in details.
  • Demo video – Use this if you want to highlight the finer details of your products.
  • Benefits video – This works best if you use it as the cover of your website. This allows visitors to get a quick overview of what you are offering.
  • FAQ video – This basically answers questions that people commonly ask.
  • Testimonials – Use this if you want to showcase testimonials from happy customers. This helps build your brand’s credibility.

Get the Video You Deserve

All the intricacies that come in making an explainer video clearly justify the good money that companies pay. Thus, you need to make sure you are getting the best value from your investment.

Check out our portfolio to get an idea of our previous works. Feel free to send us a message and let’s take the first step toward creating the best video for your brand, today!