So, how much does a premium explainer video actually cost?

In an age where explainer videos are everywhere, it's better to not have a video than having a bad one.

If you really want people to watch your video and react to it whether it’s buying, understanding, talking about or signing up for something, you have to produce one that is worth watching.

If you hire a company based upon their “cheapness”, you’ll, unfortunately, get exactly what you paid for…a cheap-looking, non-converting video.

Great companies are not skimping on the budget of their productions because the somewhat small investment makes their brand stand out, and makes you respect it and buy from them.

Each Video Requires:

If it seems like a lot of work, it is.

And that doesn’t include the meetings, calls, emails, revisions, renderings, uploads, and more.

6-8 Production Weeks

6 Separate Steps

10-15 Talented People

100+ Hours of Work

3 Biggest Pricing Factors

Production Value

Achieving a highly polished look usually means a higher price tag.

Video Length

Typically, the longer the video, the more expensive it is to produce.

Turnaround Time

Speeding up the standard process requires more resources and, therefore increased budget.

An explainer video should be treated like an investment, and one with a measurable ROI.

Dropbox spent $50,000 to tell their story through an explainer video. It resulted in 5 million new customers and over $24 million in revenue

Our video for RETB helped increase revenue by 20% in just 14 days and helped the company go from 2 to 19 employees in just a year.

So, the real question to ask is, how much should you spend on an explainer video to get the results you’re after?

To do it right, we think you should be spending at least a few thousand dollars.

There are plenty of companies out there willing to do it for less, but at what cost?

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