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Do you have a business or a service with an online presence? Do you want to forge strong bonds with new and existing clients? Or do you want your clients to better understand your products and services in a fun and engaging way?

If yes, it sounds like you need an explainer video.

Explainer videos aren’t just fancy toys to make your website and branding look good. There is an indisputable link between engaging explainer videos and an increase in business. Explainer videos have fast become a tool that distinguishes real brands from also-rans.

Attention Spans Are Dwindling

The attention span of your prospective customers is growing shorter and shorter with each passing year. As more products, services and websites muscle in to compete for the valuable online time of internet users, good businesses survive and thrive by getting the most out of engagements.

Visitors have landed on your website for a reason. Whether they have found you on Google, a friend’s recommendation or social media, this initial handshake is fleeting. The human attention span is eight seconds and dropping. On average, humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

On average over 55 percent of visitors will spend less than eight seconds on your website. Instead of bombarding your visitors with more text, which they may never read, give them a video. If you had only eight seconds with a prospective new client or customer, the trick is to hook them in to spending more time with your brand.

Explainer Videos Keep Engagements Up

Engaging prospective businesses with an explainer video is one way to turn a handshake into a longer visit. While you may not be able to sell your product or service in eight seconds, you may be able to encourage a click on an explainer video. If this video is fun, informative and engaging, your prospective customer will then have spent up to two minutes on your site, learning about your product of service.

Videos are better for memory retention. Reading static text and viewing static images feels like active learning, while video is dynamic and results in:

  • Passive learning
  • Better memory retention
  • Better informational recall
  • Better emotional recall

Visuals are processed 60 000 times faster than text, resulting in a longer impression of your product, brand or service in new and existing clients.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Over 55 percent of visitors who click on a one-minute video clip will watch it to completion. Explainer videos not only hold the attention of visitors to your site but they also efficiently reinforce key elements of your product. Because of the dynamic nature of videos, a good explainer video can communicate complex concepts in a simple and digestible package.

Explainer videos are immersive. They’re fun. Without realizing it, visitors create emotional connections to your brand through an engaging media experience. It’s more than a cute character telling a story with a nice soundtrack. It adds personality and style to your brand. It raises awareness of your brand and connects your desired target market into your product or service. An explainer video can create subconscious bonds to your brand that can endure and result in repeat business or recommendations to friends.

Of course, the more fun and dynamic your video explainer is, the more likely it is to be shared. In a world where every brand is competing for their eight seconds, shares are invaluable for brand and product exposure. Videos can be easily shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Your explainer video can also be used for seminars, presentations, email campaigns – basically any platform or space where you need to deliver the most effective elevator pitch possible.

The Best Reason To Create An Explainer Video Is…

…it just works.

Internet Retailer reports that consumers who view an explainer video first are up to 85% more likely to purchase the product, while videos focused on products influence consumer confidence by 57% (http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/196791/57-of-consumers-rely-on-product-videos.html#axzz2OmAzPtJQ)

We’re not just talking about the average consumer either, a Forbes study (http://images.forbes.com/forbesinsights/StudyPDFs/Video_in_the_CSuite.pdf) showed that 59% of influential C-level executives preferred watching a video when text and video were on the same page. For sales-focused videos, it’s even more encouraging with 39% of executives contacting a vendor on the back of viewing their explainer video.

Still need convincing? How about this study about videos in email marketing (http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Video-Next-Frontier-Email-Marketers/1009980). They found that benefits included:

  • Increased click-through rates
  • Increased duration with the email
  • Increased sharing of the email
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased sales
  • Increased size of orders

Excited yet?

A Storybite Video Pays For It Self

Increasing the time that customers spend with your business. Reinforce the benefits of your product or service. Grow awareness of your brand. An explainer video can do all of this, but a great explainer video can never be a one size fits all solution.

At Storybite we are not just passionate about creating great explainer videos. We are passionate about the act of creation. By partnering with you to understand what your business needs, and then spinning our creative wheels to find the essence of your message.

Once we have that we work our asses off to deliver the full potential of your story, making sure that you are 100% satisfied before we move onto the next stage of production.

So, if you have a business or a product in need of a talented and passionate team to help tell your story, what are you waiting for? Let’s chat.

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