Production Process

Get an entire team working on all cylinders to deliver an effective video.
Here’s what happens, beginning to end.

Animated Video Process

Step 1: Discovery

We start with a kick-off call where we discover who you are, what you do and most importantly, why you matter. Once we understand you and your message we can help others do the same.

Client To Do:

  • Complete Questionnaire
  • Participate in discovery call


  • 1-2 Days

Step 2: Script

This is where an idea is formed and the foundation of your video is set. We find the perfect creative approach to meeting your objective and solving your problems.

The script then serves as the actual narration of your story, allowing you to read the wording that will inspire your audience to listen, interpret and take action.

Client To Do:

  • Review/Approve Script


  • 2-4 Days

Step 3: Storyboards

We won’t go dark and surprise you with a “finished” video. You get to review storyboards, style frames, and design boards first, giving you the full picture before we bring the scenes to life to help you visualize the characters, icons, and environments that populate every scene.

Client To Do:

  • Review/Approve Storyboard & Pick Styleframe
  • Review/Approve Graphicboard


  • Hand-Drawn Storyboard Scenes & Styleframes
  • Final Digital Illustrations (Designboard)


  • 10-14 Days

Step 4: Voiceover

We get the best in the business to audition, filter any off-brand vocal talent, and then work with you until you shout “this is us!”

Client To Do:

  • Provide Voiceover Preferences
  • Pick Voiceover Artists from samples
  • Review/Approve Voiceover


  • Selection of qualified voiceover artists
  • Voiceover delivery


  • 1-3 Days (completed during storyboards)

Step 5: Animation & Sound

This is where you will see all the work and planning from the earlier transformed into beautiful moving animation with captivating sound design, bringing the story alive.

Client To Do:

  • Review/Approve Animation
  • Review/Approve Sound Design


  • Animation
  • Sound Design


  • 8-12 Days

Step 6: Delivery

That’s it, your video is complete! We’ll deliver it to you as an HD video file ready for use on the web (or TV if that’s the plan). If you need graphics from the video, subtitles or help to figure out how to host it, where to place it, or how to market it, we’re happy to help!

Client To Do:

  • Review/Approve Final Video


  • Final Video, HD, 1080p
  • Subtitles, SRT file (Add-on)
  • Packaged Visual Assets (Add-on)

The core project team.

Creative Direction

It’s important to have someone keeping an eye on the big picture and making sure all the pieces are coming together to create the right message for your audience.

The Crew

There are so many talented artists and creatives needed to bring projects to life: writers, illustrators, animators, directors, sound engineers, composers, and more.

Project Management

Every project is managed by a Producer with precision to make sure it’s on-time and on-budget that ensures you have a fantastic client experience and a video you love.

Terms: Approvals Are Final

We do our best to give you everything needed to make an informed decision at each step of the process. But once the decision is made, it’s onward and upward!

Moving backward in the process is not part of the process. For example, if you sign off on the Storyboard, then decide in Animation you’d like us to come up with an entirely new concept, then alarm bells will go off.

That’s not to say that we can never go backward. It’s just that we’ll have to have a money conversation.

Terms: Revision Cycles

We provide deliverables at each stage of the process because we want your feedback. If we nail it the first time, great! On to the next stage. But if it still needs a little work, no problem. That’s built into the process and timeline.

We take your feedback and return with a revised version for your feedback or approval.

Rest assured we won’t march ahead to the next stage of the process without your sign-off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to produce a video?

Our standard production process takes 6-8 weeks from beginning to end. If there aren’t many revisions at each step and if you’re quick with your feedback and approvals then it can even be done faster.

However, if it takes weeks for us to hear back from you at each delivery, then a project can easily last several months.

Can you deliver faster than 6-8 weeks?

Yes we can, however speeding up the standard process requires more resources and, therefore increased budget.

We love challenges, but we can’t produce a quality 1+ minute video in less than 2 weeks from script, storyboard, graphics, voiceover, animation to final delivery as that would compromise the quality we stand for.

What's the best length for a video?

To say it simply – shorter is better, as long as the message is conveyed effectively. Most surveys show that our ability to focus our attention is decreasing, so to keep viewers glued to the screen it’s a good idea to keep it between 45-90 seconds.

However, videos longer than 2 minutes can be valuable for different use cases such as internal videos, training videos, sales meetings etc.

I already have a script and storyboard. Is that fine?

Usually, we start from scratch for every project as it helps us assure our own creative process and the best results now that storytelling and video production is our expertise.

If you are determined to move forward with your own script and storyboard then we’d be happy to do so after reviewing it and telling you if – and how we think it can be improved.

How many revisions do I have in each production step?

We’ll make as many revisions as you want and need until you think your video is awesome.

However, if you have a strict deadline, you’ll have to compromise the unlimited revisions and have a max of 2 revisions at each step in the process in order for us to deliver on time.

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