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7 Amazing Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos That You Should Know

By July 9, 2019 No Comments
benefits of animated explainer videos

81% of businesses that use explainer videos say that they’ve helped them increase their sales. 

Compare this with the fact that 95% of consumers say that they find explainer videos useful in helping them understand a product or service better.

What do you have? A winning video marketing strategy that helps your brand increase its reach while also increasing conversions.

If you’re still not quite convinced, then here are seven amazing benefits of animated explainer videos that will have you looking to create your own today.

1. Demonstrate a Problem and Solution

Animated explainer videos allow you to easily present a problem and a solution to your viewers. This is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate the value of your product or service.

Other kinds of marketing videos don’t really give you the space or creativity in which to do this.

Because you’re creating a story from scratch, and you’re not dependent on actors, you have total creative freedom with how you want to tell your brand’s story. Think about the possibilities that this provides you with.

Not only does this help give your product or service value, but it also cuts down on time during the production process as well as associated costs.

Instead of looking for actors to fill roles and a set to shoot on, you’re able to create an entire world that suits your brand and your video’s message.

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of explainer videos, especially ones that are animated.

2. Animated Video Adds Emotion

Let’s face it, human beings are highly visual. In fact, 90% of the information that your brain receives is visual. This helps the 65% of people who are visual learners to process information much more rapidly.

Not only does this mean that animated videos for business can help viewers visually process what you’re trying to convey to them a whole lot faster, but it also helps add emotion to your message.

This is in part because animation evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia. Any time a viewer sees an animated video, they are most likely transported back in time they associated with good feelings and fun.

As well, these kinds of videos add emotion to your marketing message in general. 

Sure, an image is also visual information that a viewer can process faster than text. But, video also uses the power of voice, music, and movement to evoke more emotions out of a potential customer.

In this sense, it’s incredibly important to use music wisely in your explainer videos.

3. Explainer Videos Increase Website Traffic

The power of explainer videos lies in the fact that they have the ability to bring people to your website. This is especially true if you upload the video to your landing page or homepage.

Embedding videos on your web site’s landing page can increase conversions by 80%

That’s a whole lot of traffic without even needing to pay for ads, write a blog post, or share the video on any other social media platform.

You’ll also be helping attract visitors to your website because search engines like to show off websites that have video. Why? They’re easily crawlable.

Product animation videos, therefore, have the potential to generate a lot of leads for your company. This isn’t including all of the benefits of sharing them on social media and sending them out in your email newsletters.

4. Animated Explainer Videos Are Great for SEO

As mentioned, search engines love to rank websites that have videos. But, video marketing is also a crucial component of any modern-day marketing strategy.

This is because animated videos are able to help you:

  • Generate a lot of backlinks and social shares. If you’re producing a top-notch, well-written explainer video, it can be cute enough to become a hit.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Shorter animated explainer videos are great for communicating specific things to your audience. Post them on a regular basis to gain a following, which will help your SEO efforts.
  • Increase the value you offer in a rich snippet. Rich snippets are what you see when you search for something on Google. If you have an embedded video on your page, it’s more likely to rank.

While you can’t succeed at SEO with just video alone, it can help you increase your efforts significantly.

5. Animated Videos Are Highly Shareable

While the goal of explainer videos is to, well, explain something, you can still make them highly shareable.

This is part of the power of video marketing. You don’t need to go viral to be successful at it, either!

An animated explainer video that conveys the benefits of a unique product, talks about a fun new startup launch, or even simply shows a service in a different light can be enough to make thousands of viewers around the world share it.

This should be part of your goal. Create an explainer video that conveys value and insight while also being fun and light-hearted.

Think about something that you would be so impressed with that you’d share with your friends and family.

6. Simplify Complex Topics or Products

If you’ve ever watched a Ted-Ed video, then you’ve seen a great animated explainer video in action.

If you ever find yourself wondering why you should use animated explainer videos, then simply look at their YouTube channel to see why.

They expertly break down incredibly complex topics into digestible pieces of animated fun that pretty much any person of any education level can understand.

This is what makes animated explainer videos so great for businesses with super technical services, complex products, or hard-to-tell stories.

7. Animation Videos Are Cheap to Produce

While you’ll still need to invest some marketing money in creating a high-quality animated video, you won’t have to pay the high price that comes with traditional explainer videos or commercials.

According to Fit Small Business, it costs at least $123,000 to make a 30-second spot and broadcast it nationally.

Compare this to the affordable price of making a much longer animated explainer video, and the fact that you’re able to set the video wherever you want, and animated video is the clear winner.

Ready to Explore the Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos?

There are more than seven benefits of animated explainer videos, but to truly explore them all, you’ll need to experience them for yourself!

From the ability to increase your website traffic by over 80% to their highly shareable nature, there’s no reason not to invest in an animated explainer video.

Ready to talk video? Contact us today and we’ll listen to your story and your marketing goals. Then, we’ll walk you through the entire video production process in order to present you with the most impressive animated video you’ve ever seen.