Animated Video Series

Build your brand with multiple videos

What is it?

We view a business video series as a collection of informative videos created with the same end goal in mind. Traditionally three or more videos, they’re designed to have a universal appeal to customers and non-customers alike.


Why use one?

We live to tell our clients’ stories—and we especially love the storytelling opportunities that a business video series can provide. It’s a chance to push beyond strictly selling a product or service. A business video series offers a unique opportunity to connect with a wider audience, help them better understand complex topics within your industry, and encourage them to engage with your company. In other words, a series is a valuable tool to build your brand.

Expand your reach



You’ve got a lot to say—too much to say all at once. An Educational Video Series gives you the chance to break your message down into more digestible, more shareable bits.


There are two types of people you really need to reach: those who don’t know what you stand for, and those who do but are on the fence. Meeting them where they are and educating them on your perspective is a great way to reach both.


Sharing is caring. Okay, but seriously, your true fans will share your message for you if you give them the chance to. Educational Videos can be the tool that gets them sharing your message into their extended network.

Selected Work

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What we bring



Producing a video series is a lot of work. It’s more than that guy who makes videos in his dorm room can handle. Keeping things on brand, on time, and on point takes a team. Epipheo is one of the largest, most experienced studios of its kind. We’re used to managing large, complex, creative projects and all the challenges they bring. We’d love to talk about bringing your series to life.


If you know you need an Educational Video Series but don’t know exactly what videos you need or how to plan the content, don’t worry. We can help. We have expertise and experience in helping organizations develop an effective content strategy to expand their reach. We understand how important your message is and will work with you hand-in-hand every step of the way to make it resonate.


Client Objective: Spark Interest

The Hoover Institution, a unit of Stanford University, had a desire to reach younger audiences with content that would apply research by Hoover fellows to trending public policy issues. The overall goal was to pique curiosity and inspire audiences to learn more.


Intellections is an Educational Video Series comprising several 60-90 second animated shorts that spark key insights about public policy. Topics range from economics to civics to healthcare to the environment to national security and more.


In partnership with Storybite, Hoover releases two new videos every month. At the close of 2017, combined views for the series had reached well beyond 13 million with more videos yet to come.



Runtime sweet spot is usually 1 to 2 minutes. It should be determined by considering level of complexity, your content, and audience. We’ll help guide you to the right decisions.

Production Timeline

The production timeline of a video series depends on the number of episodes that you’re looking to produce. The first episode often takes 6-8 weeks, with subsequent episodes rolling out 2-3 weeks from there.


The cost takes into account many factors including production value, rounds of revision, total amount of video needed, and your timeline. Download our pricing and process guide for more info.

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